Concetta Martino


Concetta Martino Pasquale DiGregorio Henrieta (Aunt Rica) Gratty (DiGregorio ) Charles (Ettore) Gratty (DiGregorio ) Ida Gratty (DiGregorio ) Edmondo Gratty (DiGregorio ) William (Bill) Gratty (DiGregorio ) Ben Gratty (DiGregorio ) Clara Gratty (DiGregorio ) Esther Gratty (DiGregorio )


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Pasquale DiGregorio 10/26/1867  Henrieta (Aunt Rica) Gratty (DiGregorio )
 Charles (Ettore) Gratty (DiGregorio )
 Ida Gratty (DiGregorio )
 Edmondo Gratty (DiGregorio )
 William (Bill) Gratty (DiGregorio )
 Ben Gratty (DiGregorio )
 Clara Gratty (DiGregorio )
 Esther Gratty (DiGregorio )







Name Degree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Pasquale DiGregorio Husband10/26/1867Popoli,, Italy
Cesido (Jess) IacovoniSon-in-law7/24/1883Italy9/11/1964
Bruno FaustiSon-in-law1888Italy7/28/1933
Henrieta (Aunt Rica) Gratty (DiGregorio )Daughter11/2/1892Popoli, Italy11/5/1988
Charles (Ettore) Gratty (DiGregorio )Son2/6/1897Popoli, Italy9/1968Beaver, PA
Ida Gratty (DiGregorio )Daughter6/25/1899Popoli, Italy2/12/1985Cleveland, OH
Edmondo Gratty (DiGregorio )Son1/26/1904Popoli, Italy3/7/1977Beaver, PA
William (Bill) Gratty (DiGregorio )Son5/13/19061/1986
Ben Gratty (DiGregorio )Son3/26/1909April 1970
Mildred RossDaughter-in-law19107/11/1988
Clara Gratty (DiGregorio )Daughter12/31/1910Pittsburgh , PA3/28/2009Pittsburgh , PA
Ernie GengarellaSon-in-law9/10/19129/28/1988
Edward ErzenSon-in-law9/27/19127/4/1963
Esther Gratty (DiGregorio )Daughter12/2/1912Conway, PA2/11/2006Riverside, CA
Ina PascuzziDaughter-in-law7/30/19143/2/2005
Jim SantoraGranddaughter's Spouse
Ginger PecoraroGrandson's Spouse
Flynn JohnGranddaughter's Spouse
Barbara BattenGrandson's Spouse
Jack BurnsGranddaughter's Spouse2/7/19094/8/1984
Lidia IacovoniGranddaughter3/20/19113/30/2003
Adelaide IacovoniGranddaughter4/26/1914
Joseph Borg Granddaughter's Spouse8/10/191610/9/1997
Lawrence Joseph Sr FaustiGrandson7/24/1917Midland, PA Beaver County USA5/9/1991Freedom, PA Beaver County USA - Buried Sylvania Hills Mausoleum Rochester PA USA
Mary Elizabeth SalamoneGrandson's Spouse10/10/1917 Freedom, PA Beaver County USA9/10/2003Edgewater, Florida USA - Buried Sylvania Hills Mausoleum Rochester PA USA
Christopher Bruno Fausti Grandson3/21/1919Conway, Beaver County, PA, USA4/25/2006Sarasota, FL, USA
Elsa CicconeGrandson's Spouse9/23/1922Ambridge, Beaver County, PA USA
Kenneth ThompsonGranddaughter's Spouse192612/25/2004
Gloria June FaustiGranddaughter8/16/1927Middland, PA3/31/09
Patricia Jean GrattyGranddaughter12/6/1927Rochester , PA12/8/1996
James Albin WeigleGranddaughter's Spouse5/31/1929Monaca, PA
Peter SweitzerGranddaughter's Spouse9/19/1935
Mary MullenGrandson's Spouse4/14/1936
Guy Ernest Gengarella SrGrandson4/21/1936
Bernard Gratty Grandson2/23/1937
Sellari MarieGrandson's Spouse12/9/193811/22/1984
Connie Marie Gratty Granddaughter1/12/19394/2/2004
Edward E. ErzenGrandson2/15/1941
Elaine GengarellaGranddaughter6/5/1942East Liverpool , OH
Janet F. ErzenGranddaughter4/11/1943
David GengarellaGreat-Grandson
Totha ThompsonGreat-Granddaughter
Sandra Lee FaustiGreat-Granddaughter2/25/1942 Freedom, PA Beaver County USA
Daniel J. Borg Great-Grandson1/24/1944
Eric BurnsGreat-Grandson8/29/1945
Lynda Fausti Great-Granddaughter10/19/1945Rochester, Beaver County, PA, USA
Thomas Richard Borg Great-Grandson1946
Lawrence Joseph Fausti Jr.Great-Grandson4/8/1947Rochester, PA Beaver County, USA
Kennith Elmer Borg Great-Grandson7/10/1950
Bradly James WeigleGreat-Grandson9/26/1950Rochester, Beaver County, PA, USA
Kristen Ann WeigleGreat-Granddaughter3/29/1953Pittsburgh, Alleghany County, PA, USA
Drake ThompsonGreat-Grandson9/4/1955Utica, NY
David Oliver WeigleGreat-Grandson9/27/1955Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa, USA
Jessica Lynn WeigleGreat-Granddaughter1/17/1957Wilkinsburg, PA, US
Lisa Kaye ThompsonGreat-Granddaughter7/10/1957East Liverpoll, OH
Rebecca WeigleGreat-Granddaughter5/19/1960Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa, USA
Raymond SweitzerGreat-Grandson8/31/1960
Guy Ernest GengarellaGreat-Grandson9/10/1960
Lisa Gratty Great-Granddaughter11/22/1961Fort Dix, New Jersey
David Gratty Great-Grandson12/9/1962Imperial, PA
John GengarellaGreat-Grandson5/5/1963
Tama SweitzerGreat-Granddaughter6/13/1963
Victoria SantoraGreat-Granddaughter8/13/1965
Christine M ErzenGreat-Granddaughter10/9/1966
Gayle Marie SantoraGreat-Granddaughter12/1/1966
Thomas ErzenGreat-Grandson11/14/1967
Steven E. ErzenGreat-Grandson4/23/1969
Shelley SantoraGreat-Granddaughter11/5/1970
Jamie E. SantoraGreat-Granddaughter9/11/1973

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