Clarence Washington Weigle


Clarence Washington Weigle Oliver Weigle Washington Weigle Rosanna Baker Martha Nettie Auzeneta Erwin Sarah


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Oliver Weigle 1859  Martha Nettie Auzeneta Erwin 1858

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children







Name Degree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Harry WeigleBrother
Zodarah Weigle HillSister
William Alunzo WeigleBrother8/13/1879Scottsville, PAJuly 1946Monaca PA
Martha Nettie Auzeneta ErwinMother1858Beaver Co, PA
Oliver WeigleFather1859Moon Township, PA1904Moon Township
Washington WeigleGrandfather5/16/1821Moon Township, PA5/1/1881Raccoon Township, PA
Rosanna BakerGrandmother2/3/1827PA6/1/1915Beaver Co, PA
Catherine RicelingGreat-Grandmother
Samuel RamboGreat-Grandfather
Elenor Nellie BakerGreat-Grandmother
Daniel Weigle, Jr.Great-Grandfather5/21/17788/8/1852
Brothers & Sisters-in-law
Tilly EmericaSister-in-law
Harmer HillBrother-in-law
Henrietta CombsSister-in-law1882London, ENGJanuary 1, 1915Aliquippa, PA
Nephews & Nieces
Ethel WeigleNiece
Hellen WeigleNiece1903Monaca, PA1939Union Cemetary Monaca, PA
Florance WeigleNiece1905Monaca, PA
Oliver Thomas HillNephew3/25/1907Moon Township, Beaver Co, Monaca PA, USA11/2/1967
Oliver James WeigleNephew5/21/1907Logstown - Aliquippa PA
Theodor Aurthur WeigleNephew1911Aliqippa, PA1982Potter Valley, PA
William Edward WeigleNephew1914Aliquipa, PA1964 Monaca, PA
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Brenda Kay HillGreatniece
Wilbert James HillGreatnephew
Margaret Jean HillGreatniece
Ruchard Alan HillGreatnephew
Mark Eugene HillGreatnephew
Bruce Ray HillGreatnephew
Jean KalbergGreatniece
June KalbergGreatniece
William Oliver WeigleGreatnephew4/27/1927Moon Township - Beaver Co, PA, USA
James Albin WeigleGreatnephew5/31/1929Monaca, PA
Carol Jean WeigleGreatniece2/26/1930Monaca Beaver Co, PA
Oliver Thomas Jr HillGreatnephew4/15/1935Center Township, Monaca, Beaver Co., PA
Earl William HillGreatnephew8/23/1936Center Township, Monaca, Beaver Co., PA2/14/1986Center Township, Aliquippa, Beaver Co., PA
Joanne Rae WeigleGreatniece12/7/1937Rochester, PA Beaver County
Aunts & Uncles
Williamson R WeigleUncle12/12/18--Infancy
Daniel WeigleUncle
Charles WeigleUncle
Elizabeth PoeAunt
Mary McEachronAunt
Elizabeth TallonAunt4/1847
Ellen WeigleAunt6/9/184911/22/1907
George WeigleUncle4/6/18541881
William WeigleUncle7/25/1857
Virginia WeigleAunt1/27/186011/18/1928
Louise WeigleAunt5/11/1862
Elihu WeigleUncle11/15/18641943
Emma EwingAunt1865194-
Cummings WeigleUncle3/10/18682/2/1940Raccoon Township, PA
Purdy Kerr WeigleUncle12/23/1870
Mary Christie ScottAunt5/6/1875Colliers W VA
Alta Mae WeigleCousin
Orville Bennett WeigleCousin
Nelly Ethel WeigleCousin
Richard Scott WeigleCousin
Marie Weigle Cousin
Bessy Ellen WeigleCousin
Robert Leroy WeigleCousin
Rose WeigleCousin
Jennett WeigleCousin
Roscoe WeigleCousin
Vesta WeigleCousin
Nora WeigleCousin
Carl Edwin WeigleCousin10/29/1898
Ada WeigleCousin18991971
David Washington WeigleCousin11/17/1903
Great-Uncles & Great-Aunts
Sarah WeigleGreat-Aunt12/31/1797
Daniel WeigleGreat-Uncle3/10/1800
Zinns WeigleGreat-Uncle1/1/1803
Nancy Ellen WeigleGreat-Aunt1805
Anna WeigleGreat-Aunt12/21/1806
Catarena WeigleGreat-Aunt2/17/1809
Susanna WeigleGreat-Aunt2/26/1812
Jacob WeigleGreat-Uncle10/23/1814
Jacob Weigle Great-Uncle10/23/1814
Harrison WeigleGreat-Uncle1/6/1818

World History

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