Veronica Christopher Fausti Nino Mario Fausti Spari Fausti Pierina Fausti Egidio Fausti Bruno Fausti


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children
 Christopher Fausti  Nino Mario Fausti
 Spari Fausti
 Pierina Fausti
 Egidio Fausti
 Bruno Fausti







Name Degree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Christopher FaustiHusband
Nino Mario FaustiSon
Spari FaustiSon
Pierina FaustiDaughter
Regina Catherine MecchiaDaughter-in-law
Bruno PoliSon-in-law
Egidio FaustiSon18731937
Bruno FaustiSon1888Italy7/28/1933
Ida Gratty (DiGregorio )Daughter-in-law6/25/1899Popoli, Italy2/12/1985Cleveland, OH
Genevieve Del VeccioDaughter-in-law1907
Regina FaustiGranddaughter
Christopher Reno FaustiGrandson
Peter RotunaGranddaughter's Spouse
Sophia BrandiGrandson's Spouse
Ginger PecoraroGrandson's Spouse
Chris PoliGrandson
Bruno PoliGrandson
AliceGrandson's Spouse
UnknownGrandson's Spouse
Joseph Z Fausti Grandson19031940
Mary SoleroGrandson's Spouse19051997
Mary FaustiGranddaughter1910
Fredrick FaustiGrandson1915
Lawrence Joseph Sr FaustiGrandson7/24/1917Midland, PA Beaver County USA5/9/1991Freedom, PA Beaver County USA - Buried Sylvania Hills Mausoleum Rochester PA USA
Mary Elizabeth SalamoneGrandson's Spouse10/10/1917 Freedom, PA Beaver County USA9/10/2003Edgewater, Florida USA - Buried Sylvania Hills Mausoleum Rochester PA USA
Genevieve FaustiGranddaughter1919
Christopher Bruno Fausti Grandson3/21/1919Conway, Beaver County, PA, USA4/25/2006Sarasota, FL, USA
Elsa CicconeGrandson's Spouse9/23/1922Ambridge, Beaver County, PA USA
Gloria June FaustiGranddaughter8/16/1927Middland, PA3/31/09
James Albin WeigleGranddaughter's Spouse5/31/1929Monaca, PA
Ann RotunaGreat-Granddaughter
Norma RotunaGreat-Grandson
Elizabeth RotunaGreat-Granddaughter
Allen FaustiGreat-Grandson
Raymond Fausti Great-Grandson
Wallace FaustiGreat-Grandson
Robert FaustiGreat-Grandson
Kay PoliGreat-Granddaughter
Joseph Fausti Great-Grandson1928
Leanardo William Fausti Great-Grandson1930
Sandra Lee FaustiGreat-Granddaughter2/25/1942 Freedom, PA Beaver County USA
Lynda Fausti Great-Granddaughter10/19/1945Rochester, Beaver County, PA, USA
Lawrence Joseph Fausti Jr.Great-Grandson4/8/1947Rochester, PA Beaver County, USA
Bradly James WeigleGreat-Grandson9/26/1950Rochester, Beaver County, PA, USA
Kristen Ann WeigleGreat-Granddaughter3/29/1953Pittsburgh, Alleghany County, PA, USA
David Oliver WeigleGreat-Grandson9/27/1955Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa, USA
Jessica Lynn WeigleGreat-Granddaughter1/17/1957Wilkinsburg, PA, US
Rebecca WeigleGreat-Granddaughter5/19/1960Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa, USA

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