Spari Fausti


Spari Fausti Christopher Fausti Veronica


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Christopher Fausti  Veronica

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children







Name Degree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Nino Mario FaustiBrother
Pierina FaustiSister
Egidio FaustiBrother18731937
Bruno FaustiBrother1888Italy7/28/1933
Christopher FaustiFather
Brothers & Sisters-in-law
Regina Catherine MecchiaSister-in-law
Bruno PoliBrother-in-law
Ida Gratty (DiGregorio )Sister-in-law6/25/1899Popoli, Italy2/12/1985Cleveland, OH
Genevieve Del VeccioSister-in-law1907
Nephews & Nieces
Regina FaustiNiece
Christopher Reno FaustiNephew
Chris PoliNephew
Bruno PoliNephew
Joseph Z Fausti Nephew19031940
Mary FaustiNiece1910
Fredrick FaustiNephew1915
Lawrence Joseph Sr FaustiNephew7/24/1917Midland, PA Beaver County USA5/9/1991Freedom, PA Beaver County USA - Buried Sylvania Hills Mausoleum Rochester PA USA
Genevieve FaustiNiece1919
Christopher Bruno Fausti Nephew3/21/1919Conway, Beaver County, PA, USA4/25/2006Sarasota, FL, USA
Gloria June FaustiNiece8/16/1927Middland, PA3/31/09
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Ann RotunaGreatniece
Norma RotunaGreatnephew
Elizabeth RotunaGreatniece
Allen FaustiGreatnephew
Raymond Fausti Greatnephew
Wallace FaustiGreatnephew
Robert FaustiGreatnephew
Kay PoliGreatniece
Joseph Fausti Greatnephew1928
Leanardo William Fausti Greatnephew1930
Sandra Lee FaustiGreatniece2/25/1942 Freedom, PA Beaver County USA
Lynda Fausti Greatniece10/19/1945Rochester, Beaver County, PA, USA
Lawrence Joseph Fausti Jr.Greatnephew4/8/1947Rochester, PA Beaver County, USA
Bradly James WeigleGreatnephew9/26/1950Rochester, Beaver County, PA, USA
Kristen Ann WeigleGreatniece3/29/1953Pittsburgh, Alleghany County, PA, USA
David Oliver WeigleGreatnephew9/27/1955Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa, USA
Jessica Lynn WeigleGreatniece1/17/1957Wilkinsburg, PA, US
Rebecca WeigleGreatniece5/19/1960Wilkinsburg, Allegheny County, Pa, USA

World History

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