Alta Mae Weigle


Alta Mae Weigle Cummings Weigle Washington Weigle Rosanna Baker Mary Christie Scott David Scott Sarah Stansbury


Father Date of Birth Mother Date of Birth
 Cummings Weigle 3/10/1868  Mary Christie Scott 5/6/1875

Partners & Children

Partners Date of Birth Children







Name Degree of KinshipDate of BirthPlace of BirthDate of DeathPlace of Death
Brothers & Sisters
Orville Bennett WeigleBrother
Nelly Ethel WeigleSister
Richard Scott WeigleBrother
Marie Weigle Sister
Bessy Ellen WeigleSister
Robert Leroy WeigleBrother
Carl Edwin WeigleBrother10/29/1898
David Washington WeigleBrother11/17/1903
Cummings WeigleFather3/10/18682/2/1940Raccoon Township, PA
Mary Christie ScottMother5/6/1875Colliers W VA
Washington WeigleGrandfather5/16/1821Moon Township, PA5/1/1881Raccoon Township, PA
Rosanna BakerGrandmother2/3/1827PA6/1/1915Beaver Co, PA
Sarah StansburyGrandmother12/10/1837West Vriginia2/19/1920Monaca, PA
David ScottGrandfather184312/14/1880Potter TWN
Catherine RicelingGreat-Grandmother
Samuel RamboGreat-Grandfather
Elenor Nellie BakerGreat-Grandmother
Nancy GillmoreGreat-Grandmother7/2/1851Beaver Co, PA
Rebecca BosleyGreat-Grandmother
Daniel Weigle, Jr.Great-Grandfather5/21/17788/8/1852
Nicholas StansburyGreat-Grandfather1799Maryland21/24/1876Cross Creek Brooke, West Virginia
John ScottGreat-Grandfather18093/4/1895Raccoon TWP.
Brothers & Sisters-in-law
Alice PreeceSister-in-law12/6/1906
Nephews & Nieces
Ellen Rose WeigleNiece1/10/1936
Grandnephews & Grandnieces
Elizabeth GlasserGreatnephew8/12/1959
David GlasserGreatnephew9/12/1961
Hugh Herbert GlasserGreatnephew12/16/1962
Aunts & Uncles
Williamson R WeigleUncle12/12/18--Infancy
Daniel WeigleUncle
Charles WeigleUncle
Elizabeth PoeAunt
Mary McEachronAunt
Elizabeth TallonAunt4/1847
Ellen WeigleAunt6/9/184911/22/1907
George WeigleUncle4/6/18541881
William WeigleUncle7/25/1857
Martha Nettie Auzeneta ErwinAunt1858Beaver Co, PA
Oliver WeigleUncle1859Moon Township, PA1904Moon Township
Virginia WeigleAunt1/27/186011/18/1928
Louise WeigleAunt5/11/1862
Elihu WeigleUncle11/15/18641943
Emma EwingAunt1865194-
Purdy Kerr WeigleUncle12/23/1870
Harry WeigleCousin
Zodarah Weigle HillCousin
Clarence Washington WeigleCousin
Rose WeigleCousin
Jennett WeigleCousin
Roscoe WeigleCousin
Vesta WeigleCousin
Nora WeigleCousin
William Alunzo WeigleCousin8/13/1879Scottsville, PAJuly 1946Monaca PA
Ada WeigleCousin18991971
Great-Uncles & Great-Aunts
Sarah WeigleGreat-Aunt12/31/1797
Daniel WeigleGreat-Uncle3/10/1800
Zinns WeigleGreat-Uncle1/1/1803
Nancy Ellen WeigleGreat-Aunt1805
Anna WeigleGreat-Aunt12/21/1806
Catarena WeigleGreat-Aunt2/17/1809
Susanna WeigleGreat-Aunt2/26/1812
Jacob WeigleGreat-Uncle10/23/1814
Jacob Weigle Great-Uncle10/23/1814
Harrison WeigleGreat-Uncle1/6/1818

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