Daniel Weigle / Anna (Agnes) Weibler


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
 Daniel Weigle 1745 1810


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
 Anna (Agnes) Weibler 1745 September 1820


Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
 John Weigle 10/19/1768 8/27/1820
 Elizabeth Weigle 11/19/1769
 Anna Marie Weigle 12/8/1771
 Anna Marie Weigle 3/30/1773
 Barbara Weigle 10/11/1774
 Daniel Weigle, Jr. 5/21/1778 8/8/1852
 Susanna Weigle 7/17/1780
 Anna Weigle 7/18/1782

Family Events

Event Type Date Place Country
Marriage 3/15/1767 The First Reformed Church of Lancaster, PA



History of the Weigel branch of our heritage begins during the Revolutionary War Period. The earliest researched ancestor is Daniel Weigel who was a member of the Pennsylvania Militia. Daniel was a Private in Captain Jacob Wilhelm's company, which was recruited mainly in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Daniel married Anna Weibler on March 15, 1767 according to records of The First Reformed Church of Lancaster, PA dated prior to 1939. It is believed that Daniel Weigel was born in 1745 and died in 1810, while his wife Anna, also born in 1745, died in September of 1820.

The beginning of the Weigel family in Beaver County, PA is dated at 1787 when Daniel and Anna moved here from Lancaster County, PA. This date, however, has been disputed by the fact that the Lancaster County census of 1790 shows that the Daniel and Anna Weigel family still resided in Manor Township, Lancaster County, PA. The facts are confusing but it is felt that the 1787 date is most likely correct since a deed for land in Beaver County, PA is dated June 18, 1787. This deed indicates they purchased 400 acres of land from Jacob Bausman, a surveyor. Further research of the Weigel family in Lancaster County has not been seriously undertaken to this date.

The Weigel family became spiritual leaders early in their years in Beaver County. the Mount Carmel Presbyterian Church with the congregation dating back to 1800, was the parent church of the present North Branch Presbyterian Church. Due to the distance from the Northeast corner, of the then known Moon Township, attendance was not as good as the ruling elders and Pastor J.D. Ray desired. Pastor Ray visited the area and was told by Daniel Weigel that the Weigel's barn could be used for holding services during the warm weather and the house could be used when it got cold. Mr. Weigel guaranteed the minister $100.00 for preaching every three weeks. the proposal was accepted and work began in 1833. The attendance and interest was so good that it was decided to erect a church building, in 1834, on a parcel of land donated for that purpose by Daniel Weigel. In 1837 a congregation was regularly organized by Rev. J.D. Ray and the elders of the parent church assisted for a time. George Baker, also of this family's lineage, became one of the newly elected elders and membership included, among others:

William Irwin, his wife and daughters Mary and Ann
Thomas Hood and his wife
Daniel Weigel, his wife, and son Daniel
Mrs. Thomas Irwin
Mrs. John Weigel
John and Jacob Landis and their wives
Mrs. Jacob Baker
Mrs. Phillip Baker

Daniel Weigel and Anna Weibler Weigel had 8 children. To add some credence to the date of the Weigel movement to Beaver County, PA being 1787 or there about, is the fact that John, Elizabeth, and Anna Marie's baptismal records are found in The First Reformed Church of Lancaster, PA while Daniel was "confirmed" by an individual in Beaver County, PA.. No baptismal records have been located for Barbara. Had those been located the date would have been surely tied down.


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