Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death
 Sarah Weigle 12/31/1797
 Daniel Weigle 3/10/1800
 Zinns Weigle 1/1/1803
 Nancy Ellen Weigle 1805
 Anna Weigle 12/21/1806
 Catarena Weigle 2/17/1809
 Susanna Weigle 2/26/1812
 Jacob Weigle 10/23/1814
 Harrison Weigle 1/6/1818
 Washington Weigle 5/16/1821 Moon Township, PA 5/1/1881 Raccoon Township, PA

Family Events



Daniel Weigel married Catherine Riceling. Family papers have differed in the spelling of Catherine's family name. Some have it as Riceling while others record Reischel. A date of marriage has not been established.
A number of questions have arisen from the comparison of the Last Will and Testament of Daniel and the family records from which these names and birth dates have been transcribed. You will find at least three of the children that are not mentioned in the will. With no established date of death for most of the children, there can always be speculation that the children preceded their father in death. There has not yet, however, been found a precise reason from our research.


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